Monday, 31 July 2017

#Nigeriantwitter raises over N500,000 for Nsukka student with the record-breaking WAEC result

Nigerians on twitter are excited about the WAEC result of Cynthia Chinecherem, the girl who made parallel A1 in the just concluded WASSCE(2017)
Chinecherem made A1 in all her 9 subjects and her result went viral after it was shared by Twitter user, @DrDamages on July 21!
Well meaning Nigerians are eager to help her one way or another some soliciting the Enugu State Governor to assist financially to further her University education while others made effrot to raise some money for her tuition fees to study Medicine in U.N.N
ATwitter user, @Chydee, after being impressed took it upon himself to see that the record-breaking girl got rewarded.


  1. Thank God for her. Hard work pays,thanks to social media.

  2. Looks are deceptive sha. She looks very unserious,like an mgbeke back bencher wey dey junp fence. Congrats to her

    1. Gbam!
      Serous doesn't look like a need it bookworm
      Good for her but i think medicine it's not the way to go in naija but whatever rocks her boat