Monday, 27 April 2015

Is Jay Z looking for talent from Nigeria to save Tidal's decline?

Jay Z's tweet above says it all. Unfortunately,he was seriously bashed on Tweeter for defending Tidal's poor performance. Someone even said that Jay is weak for trying to put up a defence because Kanye and Jesus never defended themselves when they were attacked.
Mother luck seems to be on their side because it appears like they may have discovered a multi talented Nigerian female artist, Di'Ja. 

Mavin Records official instagram handle posted the photo above and with the words "#tidalfacts Jay Z's cousin and rocnation exec Briant Biggs discovering @aphrodija at Mavin HQ in Lagos, Nigeria". 
I hope something good comes out of this.


  1. Jay is quite smart. This move is already paying off from what I just read.

  2. He is smart, haters better watch out.